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  1. dutch ovens

    Anyone have some good recipes using a dutch oven?

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    Eat Chili the climb is bed with the wife..... Rip one and Hold her under the covers!!
    That's a Dutch OVEN!
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  5. Anything you can cook in your home oven, cast iron and campfires wonderful combination.

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    I have a Boy Scout booklet on Cooking with a Dutch Oven, GREAT stuff
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    I'm lactose intolerant, so I usually eat a few pieces of cheese, drink a glass of milk and brew a good one before my wife gets into bed. As soon as I feel the bubbling, POW! I slam the covers over her head and let her have a taste of my grits. Then its off to the bathroom and then to recliner by the fireplace for a few nights.

  8. Neat - Thanks for the list of recipies

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    My favorite easy recipe is in all the books. Peach (or other fruit) cobbler.
    Couple cans of peaches, yellow cake mix. Put in the peaches, pour over the cake mix and cook. Make sure you have brickettes on the dutch oven lid to brown the mixture.

    I picked wild huckleberries at my property last summer and mixed with canned blueberries (or frozen, I can't remember which) Really good!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by carracer View Post
    My favorite easy recipe is in all the books. Peach (or other fruit) cobbler.
    Really good!!!
    I second that, REALLY GOOD
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    Preheat dutch oven over 4 - 6 coals w/ several coals on lid. While this is working sear all sides of sirloin roast over HOT coals. When roast is well seared place in hot dutch oven w/ 2 cups (mol) H2O. Be sure to keep a couple hot coals under the dutch oven and on the lid. Eat it when it's done to your satisfaction, about an hour (mol).
    I like to use some powdered gravy mix in the H2O, cut up onions, carrots, potatoes, parsnips -- just about any vegetable that's available that I like. Maybe a little liquid smoke - experiment - different meat - different gravy - different veg - make it your own & enjoy.
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