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    Maine, you can't just post that without instructions!!! What kind of rub? How long, and at what temp? Wood or electric smoker? I have been eyeing up a wood smoker, I'm just not sure where to start.
    Sorry Wood smoker of course! Rub well I just go through the spice cabinet and mix and add till I am happy then use until gone and start over. Temp 180 to 220. Also I always mist regularly I myself like to use apple juice on ribs..

  3. Thanks for making me drool Maine! I am kinda wondering if you could tell us a little more about the rub you use because I have found that just mixing and matching does not always get me what I want. Are you looking for something a little sweeter or perhaps a bit spicier?

  4. I am a Dutch Oven cooker. I have been thinking about trying a Brisket in a big pot to see how it came out. Anyone tryed one in a Dutch Oven?

    This is my all purpose Dry Rub Mix.
    Cup Paprika
    Cup Brown Sugar
    4 Table Spoons Pepper
    4 Table Spoons Salt
    1 Table Spoon Dry Mustard
    2 – 4 Tea Spoons Cayenne Pepper
    Bob The Revolver Guy

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