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  1. NotTwoShure's Avatar
    Well, generator, fuel and guns scare me hope they scare the folks that read my rear truck window and stikers.
  2. Shield06's Avatar
  3. Shield06's Avatar
    you giys worry to much. i have my 06 and alota ammo. thats all ill need i kill deer like its my full time job. if we every have problems ill kill my dinner and find my own water and make a shelter. ppl have been surviving on toilet paperr and some rope for years. its good tho that you guys are saving food. while your huddles down eating beans ill be running around like a maniac covering in blood eating deer heart. BOOYAH
  4. tjarrowood's Avatar
    I'd consider getting a water filtration system rather than stock piling water bottles. Having the bottles is good if you're able to stay in your house but what happens if you have to leave? Try carrying a case of water for one mile and see how well it goes. They make water bottles that have built in filters. Don't be fooled by the Brita one, it doesn't filter out anything. Go to Gander Mountain or REI and spend about $45. I used one when I went through survival school in Alaska and it was great. No boiling water just found a place on the rocks the water was running over and filled up.
  5. toboggan69's Avatar
    Awesome post. Thanks for the reminder. Only things that came to mind that I don't remember being listed would be a knife and some type of fire starter. Thanks again.
  6. jjjjace's Avatar
    I like the post. Pretty powerful info.
    I am not sure where you live although I hope you never need to use everything listed.
    Being prepared is always a good idea though..
  7. fourmula766's Avatar
    I personally keep military backpacks for each of my children and wife.... each has everything we'd need to survive for a month at minimum minus the food which is in a tote not too far away.... each is customized for them meds etc... every time we go grocery shopping we each pick a non perishable food item to add to the tote.... my pack is obviously the heaviest but I feel more comfortable knowing they each have the tools to survive if we ever get separated ... after all what's the first thing you'll be gathering once the basic necessities are there ? Family ...
  8. trophyhunter's Avatar

    I would like to think that my Family, and I are somewhat prepared.
    #1- Everyone in our home has an Weapon, and knows how to use it
    #2- We have roughly 12 cases of Military MRE's.
    #3- We have enough water to substain us for roughly 2 weeks.
    #4- All, with the exception of my 5 year old is self reliant.
    #5- Each of us has an First Aid kit, AM/FM Radio, Flashlight.
    #6- We are not extremist, But are cautious.
    #7- Most Important we have Love, and Faith for Ourselves.
    #8- We pray that we never need to Bug out as the saying goes.

    Thank you for the post. Its always an Good reminder to be Prepared, and Ready for whatever comes our way.
  9. egoins's Avatar
    If your going to store water do so with large plastic tanks over lots of little bottles. Little bottles or gallons are helpful but don't store well for long, the plastic breaks down quickly.