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  1. Ace_Developer's Avatar
    I think this is a HUGE mistake by Google. I have used their shopping app and shopping site in a browser to find the best online deal on a gun I am looking for. I have always been PRO google everything, and now I am reconsidering. I will take a lot longer now to find the best price online if I stay with google. I hope they reconsider......soon!
  2. Gallarn's Avatar
    Try going to google shopping and see what comes up.
  3. dgsalmon's Avatar
    Google is a little slow in implementing this in the iPhone app. After reading this post I downloaded the shopper app and typed in "smith and w". I was offered several alternatives, including "Smith and Wesson M&P". When I selected that, I got a huge list of pistols complete with pictures. As well, the search engine is not affected. Go to the Google home page and enter "Springfield"; you get alternatives like "Springfield Armory", "Springfield XD", etc. Select one of those and all of the expected results are returned. So the some versions of the shopping app may be somewhat crippled - no big deal. The search engine is not affected in any way. No "big brother" censorship here; just a (somewhat misguided) business decision that will ultimately cost Google a small amount of money in commissions. No need to get hysterical. After all, you probably can't find cocaine in the Google shopping app, but I'm sure you can still get valid results if you enter "cocaine" in the Google search engine.