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  1. rj53081's Avatar
    I also live in wi took mine 28 days to arrive
  2. RUGERFAN314's Avatar
    45-60 where? In Saint Louis they must send your letter within 45 days!
  3. marky's Avatar
    It takes between 45 & 60 days
  4. RUGERFAN314's Avatar
    It can take up to 45 days Depending on if Wisconsin Is backed up. I'm in Saint Louis and it's About a week after I did my permit I am still waiting hopefully I'll be here by next week
  5.'s Avatar
    but if you a law biding citizen it should not be infringed on
  6.'s Avatar
    driving is a privilege. There are some people, like criminals, who should never be allowed to own a firearm.
  7. theohiostate77's Avatar
    I have to agree with you. It clearly states RIGHT to bare arms.