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  1. night ninja's Avatar
    Don't be a victim, what an important statement. The first issue that comes to mind is to protect yourself, family, property, even another total stranger from physical violence. There are so many other kinds of VICTIMS. The list could begin with being the victim of an assault, robbery or physical attack. The next could be the victim of the courts should you be sued as a result of your actions, or inaction. I am a retired police officer of 25 years, I have seen the aftermath of a shooting to all parties involved, the police, the department, the family of the officer involved in a shooting. The family of the person shot. I have seen wives leave their husbands because they could not live with a "killer". Even if you cleared of all wrong doing, your kids may have to hear it in school for years and pay the price. Your event may be returned to front news every time there is a similar shooting in your city, sometimes years later. Don't be a victim, once the bullet leaves the barrel you are a victim, it all depends on how mentally prepared you are for the next days, weeks, months, even years.
    I carry every day, I have since I was 18 and I'm 62. I have never fired a round at a person on duty or off. Lord knows the close calls are to many to even remember, But that's where training, mental preparedness and the willingness to do what needs to be done. Carrying a gun is easy, be willing is the most difficult decision anyone will make. I have decided I am willing, but never have had to find out. May I never find out.
    Tom McDonald