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  1. United nations treaty alert (small arms ban )

    i THINK SEPT.7TH is the approx. date that Hillary and the
    gun grabbers are set to allow the U,N, dictate the law
    concerning our 2nd amendment rights under the small arms

    It last failed in the Senate not to long ago, however, this time
    to get this treaty passed, will not require a house vote.
    From what I hear it can be mandated into law by the powers that

    If it is passed, we will first have to register all our guns ...
  2. Sensable Gun Control - What does that mean?

    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by NorthernRifleman View Post
    Sensible gun control. That seems to be a statement that is made quite frequently every time there is a tragic occurrence involving a gun. Unfortunately, what does it mean? I think everyone can agree we don't want firearms in the hands of dangerous people. The bad news is that it seems the attempts to make this happen are so shallow that all that really can come out of them is restrict good law abiding people. So lets talk about what would be sensible laws and requirements.

    Do you
  3. Range

    what are some of the best ranges in and around Saint Louis, MO?
  4. what should i do now?

    Quote Originally Posted by dusterdude View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by superprincess View Post
    Thanks Bill for this nice compliment...more impressed with your skills than mine.......glad I purchased the range membership...maybe I can find another shooting partner... oh yea I was going to tell you the LP guy who spoke with me a couple of days ago, doesn't know anything about guns. For some reason I thought all men knew about guns...dumb me...:)
    Right,like all men know about cars,dont believe that one either
    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?? ...
  5. what should i do now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Numenor View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Amsden View Post
    Went to my local gun shop today, I know I have spent way too much money in there when I walk in the door and am greeted by name. I just went in there to get a few speed loaders for the .38, naturally I looked at the gun selection while there. Got to talking to the guy about what I was interested in with that being a full size 9mm just for target practice. Didn't want high dollar, just reliable and fun. So he pointed out and recomended one in particular and the price was real good and I thought about
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