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  1. The Open Carry Argument

    [QUOTE=FreedomSSgt;621041]I came across your post from Mar 17th, 2009 re: Open Carry and would like to have your permission to use some of your language in Support of South Carolina Senate Bill S.449 and South Carolina House Bill H.3930.

    These bills are for Constitutional Carry/Open Carry and have the full support of the NRA without amendments. They would allow an individual that is legal to own/purchase a firearm to carry, either concealed or openly. Your post was very well written ...
  2. Considerall the ramifications of a shooting

    Recently, after teaching a customized version of the "Refuse To Be A Victim" (RTBAV) course, one of the seminar clients approached me. He wanted to thank me for being the first instructor from the NRA to ever to do two things: (1) mention the aftermath of a gun shooting {emotional, personal, neighbors, civil reactions**; (2) mention that a gun should be the LAST resort in your "arsenal" of personal protection tools.

    As I drove home, it made me wonder if other ...