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The value of dry-fire training

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I can remember as a young Ranger in [I]F Co. 51st Infantry Long Range Surveillance (LRS)[/I], I was first introduced to dry fire training by my platoon sergeant. He was a high level competitive shooter and former Delta / CAG Operator. We were at the range for probably about 12 days and a majority of that time was spent executing dry fire drills. As a 26 man amphibious recon platoon, we fired thousands of rounds in only a week's time. Because our unit was a Corps asset, we probably fired more rounds as individual soldiers than most platoons in the Army as a whole; but was is most interesting is the fact that we fired literally thousands of dry fire rounds prior to going live.

As a young Ranger, I didn't understand the value of the dry fire training then. All I knew was our Platoon Sergeant was a "Nazi" constantly barking at us and coaching us to execute that perfect draw from the holster, the perfect presentation and perfect shot each and every single dry fire. Almost 15 years later, I now find my self in his shoes, constantly pushing the importance of dry fire shooting and drills. From that day on dry firing became a staple part of my shooting regime; later in the Special Forces and even today as a US Government approved Range Master and Firearms Instructor. I even use dry fire techniques and drills as parts of functional combat fitness training. Each and every time I still search for that perfect draw, presentation , sight picture and trigger squeeze.

The fact remains it is a general consensus among elite military units and top professional shooters alike that dry fire training is the gold mine when it comes to firearms training. Even top shooters like the National Shooting Team, The Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU), Delta Force and The Us Army Special Forces spend thousands of hours conducting dry fire exercises. Many of my colleagues in the Firearms Instruction field who are competitive shooters tell me that top shooters will fire over 100 dry-fire rounds to every live round. As a professional Firearms Instructor I have also found this statement to be 100 percent accurate; to include my own training. With the rising cost of ammunition and the left wing push to grab our guns and ammo; now is as great of a time as ever to make dry fire training part of your training regime.

Reasons why dry fire is so valued.

[LIST][*]Its Cheap[*]It can be done anywhere[*]Not loud[*]Little clean up and maintenance[*]Helps develop strong neuro pathways[*]Its safe[/LIST]

These are just a few of the numerous reasons why Dry firing is so important as a shooter.