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States To Carry

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Does anyone know the states you carry your concealed weapon in.:cool:
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  1. robstid's Avatar
    I carry mine in all states that recognize my permit.
  2. JPG55's Avatar
    Try. they do a nice job on all the states.

    It is your responsibility to know the state law that you are carrying in.
  3. rvcden's Avatar
    go to the maps on this site
  4. stocktone's Avatar
    I only carry in FL GA and AL. I don't know the laws elsewhere.
  5. stocktone's Avatar
    JPG55. thanks for the link.
  6. Tommy Cook's Avatar
    I check this map, [url=]Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps[/url] anytime I am going to be traveling to see what the laws are in the states that I will be passing through.
  7. doghouse's Avatar
  8. bertarama's Avatar
    Be sure to always check before you go because you never know when something might change. Here in the state of Missouri we have a good site and map on the Secretary of State website.
  9. Calamitus's Avatar
    State of readiness?
  10. ChrisTheKid's Avatar
    you should go on the NRA store website and order the conceal carry handbook