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waiting for my permit

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a question to whoever can help. I applied for my permit in wisconsin two weeks ago. i been searching on line to see if i can check my status anywhere i can't find anything! i know i'll get it because i dont have any record. how long do you think it could take? the wait is makin me nervous! please comment. thanks


  1. RUGERFAN314's Avatar
    It can take up to 45 days Depending on if Wisconsin Is backed up. I'm in Saint Louis and it's About a week after I did my permit I am still waiting hopefully I'll be here by next week
  2. marky's Avatar
    It takes between 45 & 60 days
  3. RUGERFAN314's Avatar
    45-60 where? In Saint Louis they must send your letter within 45 days!
  4. rj53081's Avatar
    I also live in wi took mine 28 days to arrive