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A good IWB holster

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Quote Originally Posted by MadsMomma View Post
It was you!!! lol
OK, I'll explain. I saw your video, the one you just posted and ordered me one! (just couldn't remeber where I saw the video).
Hubby and I both thought it'd be worth a little more to get the kydex thats already molded so that's what I did. Now just waiting on it to show up! Hopefully it will get her soon and I can break it in at home while waiting on my license to get here!!!
Thanks again for sharing that!!!!
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  1. rotjovi's Avatar
    I just got a Galco King Tuck. You don't even know its there!!!!
  2. rockoutwithmyGlockout's Avatar
    I prefer comp-tac conceals my glock 17 extremely well. IWB.
  3. mattbrooks76's Avatar
    Crossbreed SuperTuck is the ONLY thing I'll use from now on. I carry a Glock 30 daily & sometimes forget it's there.
  4. gearsdown's Avatar
    I have a Galco Triton, very comfortable and easy to put on and remove with one hand while leaving gun holstered. Considering a N82(squared) in warmer weather. Not sure if I like kydex next to my skin.