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New Member Welcome Thread 2

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Just signed up, I passed the Wisconsin CCW class and will be appling for a CCW permit soon.
Ruger P95DC 9 mm, hope to get a more compact one for carry, need to do more research on what will work for me.
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  1. F H's Avatar
    I carry an sr9 ruger also a kel tec p11 welcome to the forum
  2. broheam77's Avatar
    Research research research ... I normally spend months compiling data in a specific class of firearm I am looking at. Then travel to gun stores. Feel them. A side arm may look great on paper, but if it doesn't feel right in your hand, it ain't no good. For example... I hate glock always have. Not because there not great guns they are. The just never felt right in my hand. But when I was looking for a compact. 45 I choose the glock 30. And I love it. Hay good luck and if we can help just ask.
  3. OldLlama32's Avatar
    I took the CCW class in Wisconsin and finally received my Utah and Arizona permits. Concealed carry in WI yesterday and it felt great. Stopped by the outdoor store in Kenosha just to get some experience carrying in public. No problems, but I am definitely aware of the pistol right now. By the way, I live in IL, so thank you to my WI neighbors for allowing me to exercise my right to carry.