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tell me about your state

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i suppose im braging, not actually but just saying;
i live in north carolina. i moved here 30 yrs ago.
we have concealed and open carry here.
i live in the country and i hear gun fire everyday. i shoot on my own property anytime i feel like it.
the distant gunfire is music to my ears because i know my neighbors are armed and proficient with guns.
we have a very low rate of home invasions here. almost non existant. but ocassional tool shed theft.
the combination of my guns and a big dog make me feel safe. ive never had anything stolen.
y'all come down now y'hea
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  1. Monkey9's Avatar
    Go you! Sounds great. Unfortunately I live in the city and have only gun ranges to practice in. I have my Oklahoma CC and starting on Nov 1 we can open carry with a CC license. Since open carry will be reinstated here, the antis have been loud with opposition that there will be bloodshed in the streets and the wild west will come back. Ugh. There is bloodshed now with criminals murdering and raping 90 year old people now. Its not the law abiding people causing the bloodshed. I hope open carry will let the criminals know that some of us refuse to be easy targets. And no i don't worry that the criminal will target me first. I will still as always be aware of my surroundings. Just excerising my rights.......
  2. CRAZYISH's Avatar
    nice but not nice for me i live in NYS and in order for me to shoot i have to join a range or go to CT to shoot sucks i know
  3. novagirl's Avatar
    I live in commiefornia need I say more?
  4. Lethaldosage47's Avatar
    Unfortunately I live in the only state that doesn't give a damn about rights.... Illinois. You've got it good. I wish Illinois would allow a CC but from what I've seen and heard, its not happening any time soon.
  5. csmc1863's Avatar
    I live in New Mexico after moving from the peoples republic of Calif. And the gun laws here are like night and day from Calif. Both my wife and ccw we refuse to be some morons victim.
  6. bellyfat's Avatar
    thanks everyone for posting your reply. the only thing i can say is; get active in your state. i.e. contacting your reps. and joining protest groups.
  7. crowsnake's Avatar
    Live in Missouri & other than the helmet law & personal property tax its a pretty good gun state. Moved from Illinois but could always hunt & target practice there whenever I wanted. At least you can buy ammo & drive around with a gun in your car in illinois as long as u follow their rules. (Better than NYS) Missouri recepory is very good for traveling.

    Husband now working in El Paso & a move is peeking at us. Probably move 2 NM side for lack of personal property tax. Guns are common on both sides of the state boarder haven't made a decision on the move yet but will have to choose a state first. Hummm. Which side?
  8. DLeeHarley's Avatar
    I live in the GREAT state of Idaho. We've got open carry without a permit and concealed carry with a permit. It's a shall issue state so if your not a felon, your good to go. I've got 3 or 4 ranges real close or I can head out into the wide open spaces about 15-20 away. The only thing to make it a little better would be a better Reciprocity with other states like Oregon and Washington state. It's a wonderful place to be a gun enthusiast!
  9. n8ygn's Avatar
    I live in Wva and like you have a ccw and open carry and can shoot a gun in my front yard if I wish, but I do have a funny story to tell. I moved to Baltimore Md. for almost 5 yrs and then had to move back home because father had a heart attack he pretty much lived in the chair in front of the picture window and was watching me one day walk down to the mailbox for him. Just moving back from Baltimore I heard a gun shot and hit the deck when I got back to the house my dad asked can't you stand up boy? But you learn to duck while living it Baltimore been back home for a while now back to ignoring it again.