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what should i do now?

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hi everyone.. just want you all to know i was robbed tonight
by a young black male wearing a red hoodie and dark pants.
i was so nervous when i couldn't get the safe open.. i almost
wet my pants when i heard him clicking the gun.. i know what
you are thinking does she have a gun and the answer is no..
i need to get one fast because i don't like the way being a
victim feels..
get the gun and hide it behind the counter. you dont need a concealed weopons permit to do that . as long as you are not carrying it concealed.
the longest wait you should endure is a 5 day waiting period. you sherrif may wave that if you explain it to him.
but please get some hand gun training before you bring it to work.
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  1. BigPapa13's Avatar
    Look into something you can shoot comfortably, taurus makes guns that are cheap and will do the trick, a small .25 caliber that you can put in a sock drawer would do the trick. I would recomend that after you purchase, go to a shooting range, look up the closest range in your area, some have classes, and or instructional. Shoot, and shoot, and shoot. Get comfortable with the weapon you buy, learn how to take it apart, and clean it, and hopefully you will never have to use it, but if you do, you will be able to protect yourself. I hope this helps some!
  2. JohnGalt42's Avatar
    Roger that, Bigpapa13. Bigpapa knows what he's talking about