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The Police State and Gestapo Mentallity

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I just wonder how far people will be pushed before snapping
Eventually that line will be crossed and I would not want to be wearing a uniform with a badge when it happens. Just think if something like Katrina (either natural or man made) happened across the entire US.
it is up to each state to declare a state of emergency. it is up to each voter to demand the right to keep and bear arms during a declared emergency. in north carolina for example, it was just written into the state constitution that, legaly licenced firearms
owners are allowed to carry during a state of emergency , declared by the governor. that is; concealed if you have a concealed
carry permit. and open carry if you are a citizen of north carolina.
other states that do not have this constitutional amendment, can restrict you rights to your home only. or actualy give the police
the right to take your guns from your home. its all up to the voters of each state to determin what you will tollerate.
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  1. Spanish Trail's Avatar
    sooner or later the rank and file will to follow their conscience and dissent from the blatant war against citizenry and Constitution