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concealed carry holster for a sig 226

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I am looking for ideas on both a iwb and a belt holster. One concern on a belt holster would be the fact that it is a full size and wouldn't want to expose the muzzle to far below the belt line.
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  1. rogerw's Avatar
    Check out Old Faithful holsters. They are very comfortable
  2. SGB's Avatar
    Lot's of Makers produce a Bruce Nelson style Holster that fit's your requirement. Until I started making my own holsters I used this Kramer vertical Scabbard.

  3. Vaquero01's Avatar
    a full size gun will carry and conceal best inside the waistband, my favorite is the crossbreed supertuck
  4. Mholland's Avatar
    I agree...cant go wrong with a crossbread supertuck...mark(the owner) is an awesome guy and stands behind his gear 100%...they even offer a two week trial to return if you dont like it...i would say you wont be sorry you tried one...
  5. Montyrush's Avatar
    I found a blackhawk cqc holster for it.
  6. n4sxx's Avatar
    I use the versa-carry system for my full size Glock g22 iwb system I carry upwards of 16 - 17 hrs daily 7 days a week, go check them out and deside for yourself.