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Bill Amsden

what should i do now?

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Went to my local gun shop today, I know I have spent way too much money in there when I walk in the door and am greeted by name. I just went in there to get a few speed loaders for the .38, naturally I looked at the gun selection while there. Got to talking to the guy about what I was interested in with that being a full size 9mm just for target practice. Didn't want high dollar, just reliable and fun. So he pointed out and recomended one in particular and the price was real good and I thought about it, went back to the office and thought some more, pulled up a few reviews and dammit back to the gun shop I went. going to have to slow down for a while though. Gun cabinet is full. The wife will start complaining if I have to start stashing my guns in the dresser. So the next purchase. A bigger gun safe. Haha!!!

So, Princess....Looks like I can can fit a little range time in tomorrow at noon. Do you want to go?
One of these days I should drive down from Richmond and meet up with you both at the range. =)
Come on down, It would be fun. I won't speak for Sprincess but I would like to meet you and everyone else on this post/blog/thread. Everyone's input has helped her a lot and I can't say enough at how impressed I have been with the support and accurate information she has received from you and everyone else on this post..

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