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Bill Amsden

what should i do now?

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Thanks Bill for this nice compliment...more impressed with your skills than mine.......glad I purchased the range membership...maybe I can find another shooting partner... oh yea I was going to tell you the LP guy who spoke with me a couple of days ago, doesn't know anything about guns. For some reason I thought all men knew about guns...dumb me...:)
Not even all the men on this gun forum know about guns! LOL

Good shootin' there, princess. Nice of Bill to take you under his wing. Seems like you landed on the right site to get the help you were lookin' for. Is that a fair statement as far as you're concerned?

So what are your impressions/comparisons between the LC9 and the M&P .40? Or the Airweight too, for that matter? That's a really good range of size and recoil characteristics to compare between. Have you been able to test how it feels to conceal and/or carry any of those weapons? If not, don't forget, that's one of the more important considerations to keep in mind, because if it's highly uncomfortable, many, if not most people, won't work through the discomfort and keep on carrying. If you can't really practice concealing at the range, I understand, but try as hard as you can to envision the weapon either mounted on your belt (which, as a woman, you may not wear very often to begin with, so that might be another adaptation you'll need to make), or under your belt in an IWB (Inside the Waist Band) holster, or maybe in a shoulder holster. If you've already figured out how you're going to try to carry, great, that's a head start, but you still need to take the size and weight of your weapon of choice into consideration. Still lots to think about, but good to see that you're making progress. Stick with it, you're doing great.

And thanks Bill, for being a good ambassador for the gun community.


Hey Blues....Thanks for your comment and compliment, Superprincess is a very special lady. I wanted to help her, what I could anyways. I'm not a LEO but know how to handle weapons safely and am glad she is doing so well. I am excited about her progress and followers and the response she gets.Keep it coming folks.
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