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Bill Amsden

what should i do now?

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Hey SP, I went out shooting today with my AR. I think I did pretty good, my shots taken standing unsupported at 25 yards with iron sights.

90 rounds rapid fire with a few handgun transitions. (didn't do to good on the transitions lol)
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10 rounds aiming
Attachment 6958
Damn...25 yards....well I 've got more practice to do. Been trying to stay inside of 9 yards until I know every round hits where I intend it to hit. . Our range is so dark I don't even know if we could see the target at 25 yards. You were changing weapons as well? I have been mainly shooting the M&P .40 and have shot the LC9 very little. The airweight I bought recently I had to chuckle. Bought it only because I always wanted one, I shot twenty rounds out of it and decided I didn't want to embarrass myself any further in front of princess. Anyways good shooting.
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  1. jcreek's Avatar
    Keep practicing. And if you get the chance try moving targets.