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Broken J.C. Higgins 20-12 gauge

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I have a J.C. Higgins 20-12 gauge that was passed down to me from my grandfather who passed 5 yrs ago. Recently I let my cousin use it, and when I got it back the butt was broken off. I was pissed (still is).. Is there a place that replace it or at least put an pistol grip on it? I know it's been discontinued for yrs.
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  1. awkuby's Avatar
    a few years ago I needed some parts for a j.c Higgins 12 ga. I searched the Internet for j c Higgins parts I don't remember the site but did find parts for it. I also downloaded a parts and disassembly chart for my gun.
  2. smirnoffss1942's Avatar
    Try numrich gun parts, they buy out old stock from companys and warehouse old parts. Sometimes a little pricey but they have it when nobody else does.