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308 or. 30.06

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I'm interested in the thoughts and opinions of all. which is more preferred 308 or. 06?
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  1. Stan45's Avatar
    I like the .308, in a bolt gun the action is shorter.
    Ammo is cheaper.
    A .308 may be more accurate.
  2. Chris Norton's Avatar
    I agree, I also perfer a 308 with the ammunition more readily available and I agree I feel its more accurate. Besides that, recoil on an older 30-06 can be pretty brutal.
  3. imrambi's Avatar
    I have read that the .308 is more accurate by a little bit (inch or so) at long distances (>600, iirc). I have a .30-06 and have a .308 on order. If you are hunting with the rifle both will do the job very nicely. If you are doing bigger game (moose for example) the .308 will get you by with a lighter bullet when compared to the .30-06. (165gr vs 180gr) Either one will do the job nicely.

    If you are lookingg for a semi auto rifle, I don't think I have seen a .30-06 semi while .308 are easily bought.

    Both are good and unless you are a super good shot at long distances, you cant go wrong with either caliber.
  4. cmr2's Avatar
    depends on use , depends if recoil sensitive , both are almost the same balliasticly , with the .06 having more punch , but the purpose would be main in chioce
  5. willey.donnie's Avatar
    I have a .308 and chose it for the accuracy alone. I was looking into both the .308 and .30-06 when purchasing I got insight from long time hunters and was told .308 had better accuracy hands down. I had the gun sighted in within minutes and feel confident in a 300 yard shot if needed. Both calibers are great, the biggest key would be going with a bolt action over semi-auto so you down loose velocity ejecting the cartridge.
  6. bobyoung10's Avatar
    Ive hunted with both a .06 and a .308 they both do the jobe nicely depending on what your hunting i just have exsperience with whitetail deer. the .308 is a little more acurate with a little less recoil while the .06 can leave marks if your not careful i would stick with a bolt action for either one. In my personal opinoin the .06 is better but that's what ive primaraly hunted with all my life.
  7. vroc6699's Avatar
    I prefer the .308
  8. Seadog261's Avatar
    .308 Most certainly