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Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry

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I have mixed emotions about open carry. I do believe that all Americans should have the right to open carry if they choose. But, I also believe there is a time and a place. The recent case of the long gun open carry protests in Texas didn't do the pro gun movement any favors. In my opinion. Like it or not guns are not mainstream. I believe that a gradual process should be used to "mainstream" guns. In your face, here is my AR and i'm hanging out in Applebee's doesn't help the cause. It hurts it. The pro-gun people don't need the distraction right now and the negative attention the protests got.


  1. mquinn55's Avatar
    Ironically, there is a case to be made that the open carry protests can do some good for the cause. In a bass-ackward way mind you. Here in California (where most things are bass-ackward) that was the case. As most everyone knows, concealed carry in most Ca. counties is virtually impossible without "good cause." Personal protection by and of itself did not or does not meet the requirement in most counties. If you had the need to carry large sums of money or some other need, then maybe... but also possibly only so long as that need existes. With that CCW you still could not carry say while out mowing the lawn.
    At the time open carry was a legal in most places. Unloaded of course, but you could have loaded mags on say a mag holder on the other side of your belt. You could, in most places, expect to be stopped by law enforcement and inspected but then free to go about your business until another LE would stop and inspect you. Not practical, not to mention that you freak people out and they call the police all spun up.
    Then we had a few groups protesting as well and making a big deal about open carry. Soon enough the media was on it and in no time the State got on it and now it's illegal.
    So in the meantime there was a court case in San Diego county were several citizens sued the county and Sheriff for rejecting their CCW applications for lack of good cause. Again, personal defense, without being able to site a reason they felt more threatened than the next guy. They lose. They appeal. They lose again.
    Eventually the the 9th Circuit Court hears the argument and early this year overturn those decisions. The summary of that decision is here.
    In a nut shell, the Circuit Court held that (based in part on the Supreme Courts decisions in DC v. Heller and McDonald v. City of Chicago) that Personal Defense did fulfill the Good Cause requriement. They also point out that since Calif eliminated open carry they had in effect completely infringed on our Second Amendment Rights. I really suggest reading the summary in the link above, it's a good read.
    So there are still legal options for the County of San Diego in this case and they are still not issuing CCW permits based solely on personal defense. However Orange County almost instantly put a statement on their web site that they WILL accept personal defense as "Good Cause."
    The number of applications went through the roof as you may well imagine as did mine. I applied for my "Interview" as required in early March of this year. I got an email response that told me my interview was set for March 23rd. Not bad I thought. Then I noticed the year... 2016. I called because I was sure that was a mistake. Nope.
    Now to be fair they came up with $1.5M to deal with the backlog and my appointment was moved up to the end of April this year. So that part is done and I've had some evidence that they are moving forward. I had a visit at the house from a deputy confirming I lived where I said I did. Not sure how long the process will take and the CCW in Ca is only good for 2 years.
    But my point to your post is that were it not for those Open Carry protestors the state would not have made it illegal. If they hadn't made it illegal the Circuit Court may not have had reason to over turn the San Diego case, and then Orange County would not have changed their policy and I wouldn't be on my way to finally having a CCW in my own state. So in a bass-ackward way in a bass-ackward state it worked out.

    BTW from what I gather San Diego may not press this any further, thus paving the way for others to press their counties to open up as well.
  2. lefty60's Avatar
    While I believe that anyone with a clean criminal record should have the right to carry a firearm (open or concealed), I question the time and circumstance to "open" carry.

    Just because you can does not mean that you should.

    There are towns and places in my home state (Oregon) where open carry will get you arrested. And given that you could be convicted of a felony you could/would lose your "right" to own firearms.

    So, is it worth the risk? Only the person carrying can answer this question.

    Of course then you may want to consider the "bad" publicity for all firearms owners.

    Oh my! choices, choices, what to do??