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Civil War?

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I'm just curious ? How many of my fellow gun owners & CCW permit holders think we may be on the path to civil war over the 2nd. amendment.
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  1. blueribbonman's Avatar
    I think Obama may have good intentions. However the bad guys out there don't care about laws, fact. The police are a reactionary force to crime, fact. Fienstien & Biden don't know anything about guns, fact. I can't think of any mass shootings that the shooter wasn't mentally disturbed, fact. & this is the reason they want to take away our guns, because of a few rotten apples & they don't know what it's like to look down the barrel of a gun. There is a state rep. in Ia. that wants to take away all of our guns retroactivly, yet he owns guns. I will not be giving up my guns, some of them have very special meaning to me, they belonged to my dad & I'm not going to let them take away my memories.
  2. JHarrell's Avatar
    I have been saying a civil war is close for years. If not then we are at the closest point since 1862.
  3. ffrandy's Avatar
    I don't think we are at that point yet. but what is coming will not be good. the president will do what ever he wants and the courts will back him
  4. 9mm.glock.mark's Avatar
    I'm not sure it will be simply over the 2nd amendment, but if our government doesn't wake up soon, the possibility that Americans will get fed up and eventually react in some form to get our country back, does seem very likely.
  5. rlkraatz's Avatar
    Only from my cold dead hands. I think the war is very close. The american people need to take thier country back.
  6.'s Avatar
    I truly believe the day the government tries to take firearms out of the hands of the American people, it will start some type of civil war. The government can't take away our freedoms and constitutional rights and expect everyone to be happy about it.
  7. Richard DeLorme's Avatar
    What happened to these people? Did they not swear an oath to the Constitution. We are a nanny state with a bunch of power hungry oligarch bullies in charge. We need some principled people with strong moral convictions to stand up to these panty wastes. I just don't know if we even care enough to remain a free people. Where is the principled leadership of a once great country. It certainly doesn't exist in either party. Why are the Republicans selling us out and then claiming victory????
  8. blueribbonman's Avatar
    All I know is what I read from FNC & a few other news outlets & when there have already been more murders in Chicago then service men & women killed in Afganistan ( & they have the strictest gun control laws in the nation) I can't understand why these people can't see the writing on the wall.
    This to me can only mean one thing, Obama wishes to make us sheep. Wyoming & Texas are working on a law that will make it illegal for a govt. agent to take their firearms & a couple of Sheriff's have said the same thing about there counties. Seattle near where I live offered $100.00 amazon gift cards for each firearm turned in, ain't gonna do it for me. I have looked down the wrong end of a pistol during a robbery & I decided that would not happen again, it won't happen again & if someone thinks they're going to take my firearms they will be in for a fight.
  9. jeff martin's Avatar
    Obama has no good intentions here!! He knows the reality with criminals and the mentally disturbed. This is a power grab pure and simple and God only knows why!!
  10. cksjr's Avatar
    civil war is only relevant to the rednecks that see some need for rocket launchers grenade launchers and 50 cal sniper rifles. Obama isn't taking your guns. I'm a second amendment guy and I'm all for more comprehensive back ground checks. get a life