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Brian Kahn

what is the best to carry ?

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I have a .45 ACP 1911 and sig .380 want to use a inside the pants.. I would like a deep conceal holster for the 5" 1911 that I can sit and drive ... the 380 would be easier
need advice... help !
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  1. torontogunguy's Avatar
    I use a Smart carry for deep concealment. Works great and carries crotch height just to left or right of the jewels. Need to adjust when driving. A few bumps in the road and you would be singing soprano. Google them. I have a ton of holsters and use the one that my clothing will cover 110 percent with no printing. Love the Smart carry. Wears well with almost anything including shorts. Good luck.
  2. torontogunguy's Avatar
    And by the way. I carry any of the following: Glock 30. Glock 36 with small mag and two extended mags. Sig 1911 Compact. Smith and Wesson SW99 (not so much). Glock 21 on occasion. My favorite is the Glock 30 except when wearing loose shorts or swimming trunks. Then it's the Glock 36. Remember that we are all an experiment of one.
  3. Mark Housand's Avatar
    I use an inside the waist band speed holster and carry a taurus judge it has plenty of knock down with the pdx defence rounds that have in it I have carried a colt 10 mm a beretta 9 mm and might yet carry a bug gun to back up my taurus but the thing you got to remember wheel guns dont jam so if your new to carry you might want to think about a wheel gun insted of a semi auto
    Mark ......