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I am a retired military policemen and rent a small renovated barn on a 100 acres of land owned by a gentleman who lives in new york city. i recently received my pistol permit in ct and purchased a ruger p95 9mm pistol and would like to set up a practice shooting area on the property just for myself. the owner has given me permission to do this however i am not sure what the legal issues are regarding this in terms of the local police and maybe some noise complaints from the neighbors. i will be very deep in the woods and have a very high background for the targets and the noise should be reduced quite a bit. i like the idea of having live practice outdoors in a real life situation rather than going to the range and just shooting at targets. I also own a mossburg 500 20ga and a ruger 10/22 which i would like to practice with. i would any comments and suggestions. thanks
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  1. Kalamity023's Avatar
    I'm assuming you're in CT, you need to check with the local Police Chief regarding any town ordinance that might be in place. Other than that as long
  2. Kalamity023's Avatar
    that's as far as I know there's nothing that prohibits it, however, I'm not an attorney do check with the PD
  3. RRoss's Avatar
    My thoughts:
    The property is not your own and therefore you are going to need written/signed permission from the property owner. Next I would check at the local town hall/ sheriff's office in reguards to firing firearms in the town this property is located. Find out about any noise ordinaces etc. After approval from the town...and this is just me....I'd go make nice with the neighbors! :D
  4. Sharpie13's Avatar
    My husband and I have property on which we built a range for our use. We checked with local LE regarding any laws, they told us we could do what we wanted, but we should make sure it was safe. We used our skid steerer to dig a large area into the side of a hill. it works great.