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I was kind of surprised at the number members in the nra, 4 million seems awful low when we know how many gun owners there are. Just dont understand this, 35 dollars isn't much money, I'm sure we have all blown more money than that on alot less than a membership will get. The thing that really gets me is the people that complain then ask if they are a member they say no-basically put your money where your mouth is! Who know 35 dollars may not even buy 20 rounds of 5.56 or .223 in the future??????? Basically if you own a gun you need to be a member so our true voice is heard!!!! This is probably the wrong place to post this(most people on this site I'm sure are members) but had to voice my opinion,would be nice if we could get just 50% of gun owners to join!
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  1. Wesco's Avatar
    While I agree with you on every note, and am a life member myself, you have to remember that not every law abiding gun owning American wants to join. While we all know what's at stake and what the benefits are the minute we start associating and treating gun ownership with NRA as an unspoken requirement we become no better than the anti-gun lobbyist in that it is everyone's constitutional right to own and carry a firearm. No where does it say but please join the NRA. Lots of Americans own guns simply because they hunt or target shoot or have firearms that were passed down to them. By all means strongly encourage membership but not at the cost of lowering ourselves to that level of close minded thinking. We can convince people to join because it makes good common sense and because they want to become a member not because they feel obligated or pressured. NRA is over 4 million members strong, still growing and still the most active and influential group in the firearm world and not because we make others feel obligated. All those Americans who are firearm owners are on the same side regardless of their membership. If you know someone like that talk to them, counsel them, share your knowledge with them and show them how that $35 a year truly benefits them.
  2. bullseye338's Avatar
    point taken,guess I never looked at it that way-
  3. jakemonroe's Avatar
    I think that people really dont think about it until it is needed. i never thought about how it helps until last week. I joined and plan on buying a few things on the online store to help them. I would think that number would go up with all this talk of gun control.
  4. Wesco's Avatar
    Indeed up to 4.2 million now and expected to break 5 million this year
  5. bladeguy's Avatar
    If $35 is too rich for your blood, you can buy an associate membership for $10.
  6. ghostman74's Avatar
    Just joined the nra for $25 1 year, and donated some money to the 19 th gun appreciation day, hope it helps.
  7. Halcyon1's Avatar
    I feel it's a worthy cause, though I think that at a time like this the NRA should offer a free 3 month membership. Then maybe a prorated membership.

    That way they get the head count we need, new people could become familiar with the association and a longer term involvement may happen.
  8. ghostman74's Avatar
    I joined the other day, thinking about joining oath keepers I guess something Ted Nugent runs or affliated with.
  9. bullseye338's Avatar
    great,glad to see people joining,looks like we are in for a battle like never before, but the old saying might stand true--too little too late?????????? would have been nice to have 20 million members going into this,