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Housewife with a Springfield XD 9mm

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I'm a new permit holder, a mother of 3 and refusing to write a long post because the last one I spent 30 minutes on just disappeared on me. Bottom line, I am a strong advocate for education and safety. I enjoy shooting at the range and look forward to many years of target practice and hope I never have to use a weapon for self-defense purposes.
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  1. janbfield's Avatar
    Congratulations, I just bought a XD40 and absolutely love it, I was thinking of picking up the 9mm for my wife.
  2. NotTwoShure's Avatar
    Greetings, I have trouble with fonts and such so I type everything on a Word Document and then cut, save and paste to the blog of choice. Using the Word Document allows me to save posts. In addition, it helps me with my grammar and shpellingzes. I love the .40 S&W in my Glocks; I would love to have an XD in 9mm. However, that would mean an end to a very happy, four decade old marriage. Happy paper punches.
  3. lesphilip's Avatar
    It is a bummer to get the type in and then...nada.

    I too have the XD 9. Mine is a sub-compact...easy to carry and fun to shoot. Practice properly!!
  4. TexChap's Avatar
    Love my XD 9mm sub-compact is not my carry gun, but is my favorite.
  5. JohnLM's Avatar
    Enjoy your weapon and stay safe