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Buzz Daldos

Is 6 + 1 enough for concealed carry?

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Would you feel safe carrying a gun with a 6 + 1 capacity? Do you think more rounds are needed? Or is it enough? I don't know statistics, but most gun fight videos I have seen it seems no 1 person usually shoots more that 3 or 4 rounds. Usually someone is shot fast to end a fight by them dropping on the floor or running away.

I have a carry gun that is 7 +1 and another which is 10 + 1 and I feel safe with either.

How about you? How many rounds do you need before you feel safe?

I think that if 5 rounds of .357 can't get me out of harms way, then I've woefully failed the 'awareness of situation' test!
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  1. fearhd's Avatar
    6+1 should be more than sufficient
  2. rj53081's Avatar
    I carry to mags no matter what. carry what makes u comfortable
  3. XenaWarriorCat's Avatar
    S&W 642 x five shots most days. I have discharged it twice to take (snake) lives.

    But I live on a dirt road in the country; keeping one or two shots handy for a copperhead makes me feel cozy. If I worked swing-shift in east Los Angeles, not so much. In the long run, more situational awareness protects you better than more bullets. If I carried a Mac-10 when I walked the dog I'd STILL be careful where I put my feet.
  4. TlWheatley's Avatar
    Your not trying to get in a shootout. 6+1 will get you to cover.
  5. jcreek's Avatar
    personal preference. For me, on a regular day, no. It's why I carry a .40 as opposed to a .45. Situation always dictates though. In the area I live, meth is a big problem. It's why our local LEO'S switched from 9mm to .40s; more stopping power about sacrificing the ammo capacity that a .45 would take. Personally, if I have a guy on meth coming at me I'd take the extra rounds any day. I never carry a revolver as a primary unless absolutely necessary.
  6. queball's Avatar
    6+1 is plenty. More rounds is fine as well.
  7. Taz-Hornet66's Avatar
    I carry the xdm .40 it has 16+1, I do a lot of long drives plus you never know but a 6+1 for like a .357 would make me happy too.
  8. bob16066's Avatar
    You can never have too much ammunition.

    7 is always enough until the day it isn't.

    I don't understand the aversion to carrying reloads.

  9. jacobob1's Avatar
    You can never have enough rounds to feel safe but I think iylt really depends on the threat and how good of a shot you are
  10. rockoutwithmyGlockout's Avatar
    6+1 isn't enough in my opinion. I carry 9+1 plus an extra 9 just in case. I've never heard someone say I had too much ammo in a gun fight. lol
  11. neal3019's Avatar
    Whatever amount YOU feel comfortable with ...but i do have 100 rounds in glove box of all cars
  12. XD40FAN's Avatar
    I carry my XD 40 13+1 + ANOTHER 13 mag. It feels right to me if the SHTF I have my Tristar pump shotgun with pdx shells and my AR15 with 100 round beta mag loaded in my trunk.
  13. RUGERFAN314's Avatar
    Its about bullet placement not how many u have! People have been shot multiple times with a 45cal an lived!