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Changing Dominant Eye

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Is it possible to change your dominant eye for shooting purposes? I have a condition where I rupture a membrane in my eye and get small temporary blind spots and color blindness. I have only had this happen in my dominant eye, and wonder if there is a possibility of "changing" your dominant eye, or just retrain the body to shoot left handed for both rifle and handgun.

The best way I found to accomplish changing your dominate eye is to shoot with the "other" hand. In the scenario that you are right handed and right eye dominate, it is difficult to shoot with your right hand and use your left eye for sight allignment. In the case of an uncorrectable dominate eye, you may find it more easy to shoot with your left hand. I am not much of a rifle shooter, my reference to the above is with handgun shooting. If you are an old timer like myself, it will take much practice and concentration to make the shooting hand switch.
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  1. n4sxx's Avatar
    If I am not mistaken if you want to shoot non dominate, you adjust left or right a few inches
  2. sheepdog1946's Avatar
    I am naturally cross-eye dominant (notice I didn't say cross-eyed!). All you need to do is tilt your heal slightly toward your dominant shoulder to achieve proper sight alignment/picture. We're talking about 2, maybe 3 inches of head movement to put your non-dominant (which is now your dominant eye) behind the gun. No big deal. In our classes, approximately 25-30% of the students are cross-eye dominant. I'm not much of a rifle shooter but know plenty of people who shoot handguns right-handed but rifles left-handed. They seem to have very little trouble switching from one to the other.