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Smith & Wesson Customer Service

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Has anyone every sent in a gun for repair to Smith & Wesson? I sent in a .38 in April and the just contacted me with a quote. I was contacted be email which was fine, but I sent in the payment within a couple day then I was sent a letter to my home with a different quote??? What is up with S&W customers service. I'm hoping when I get my gun back it is repaired correctly....wishful thinking.
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  1. southman's Avatar
    Smith & Wesson are not the best company for there quotes they change from my experience but when I got it figured out and received my gun it was fixed with no problems.
  2. CC_Man's Avatar
    I believe once I get the gun back everything will be fine but they have had the gun since April and here recently when I sent the payment in they are not in their summer shut-down. I wanted to warn people if you plan to get your gun back within 90 days that it wouldn't happen...