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Concealed Carry Giveaway - Your Chance to Win a Ruger LC9 and more!

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New member from Memphis, TN.

Plan on taking CC class soon. Never owned a handgun.

Sure hope to win this awesome package.
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  1. DJHA90's Avatar
    Just rereceived my CC. Haven't carried yet.
  2. Monkey9's Avatar
    I have my conceal and carry. Unfortunately, I work in a hospital where firearms are not allowed so I cannot carry everyday. Boo, but its the way it is. The only thing I hate is that everyone knows it so our grounds and parking garages are prime targets for having your vehicle broken into and muggings and rapes have occurred. Of course these have to be kept as quiet as possible. Security guards cannot be everywhere. But I wish they were. One day my coworker and I were leaving, got into the elevator and in with us goes an older woman and her daughter. They checked out my friends expensive purse and ring while eyeing each other to look. We got out of the elevator and so did they. Did I mention that the younger one had her hand inside her vest the entire time? I got into my truck while my friend headed to her car. They looked around and started to follow her. They only stopped because the youunger one saw me with the door not closed, cell phone in my hand watching them. She told the older one and they did an about face back to the elevators. I sure felt naked not carrying. We talked about it the next day at work. My friend stated she wasn't worried because she knew I CC. I had to remind her of the laws that I cannot carry in a hospital. All I could have done was call security and 911.
  3. 9mm.glock.mark's Avatar
    That's a scary time. She probably had some type of weapon under the vest. I travel quote a lot for work, and really feel uneasy when I have to leave my weapon in the car. I understand we can't carry everywhere, but I've seen way to many incidents over the years. Makes you really try to be aware of your surroundings constantly.
  4. firnatine29's Avatar
    I'm in memphis! Trust me I know exactly how the crime is and could probablly tell u exactly wich hospital you are referring to.
  5. Wesco's Avatar
    I agree, I feel naked without my firearm. However, some classes in self defense, the carrying of an alternative non-lethal force weapon, a cell phone, and of course common sense can help you feel a little better.