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Cheaper Than Dirt Caves to Anti-Gun Crowd

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Quote Originally Posted by weekendskp View Post
Cheaper than dirt now does not sell firearms, and raised the price of PMAG 30 round ar-15 mags to nearly $60. What scumbags!
I hope they ALL dont start caving...what was done in CT was reprehensible..but ONE PERSON properly trained could have saved many lives...what a shame that one of the BEST places to go for ammo and weapons caved to WHAT exactly??? It WASN'T THEIR FAULT that this travesty happened.
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  1. dguedes's Avatar
    just checked their site. gun sale suspension in affect. most expensive pmag was $30, not any extremely high price.
  2. nraynes's Avatar
    Just got an email from cheaper. They said they will continue once they double check their policy.
  3. LetUSprey's Avatar
    I have noticed for the past few months that Cheaper Than Dirt's inventory has been diminishing. There seemed to be a growing list of firearms marked with a bright yellow "out of stock label." Just looked the ammo page over... seems the 223/556 is dwindling as well. definitely no 5.56 NATO Lake City M855 62gr left. The magazines are gone! just 5 rd and 10 rd left with the only 30 being Mag AR-15 5.56 30 Round Charles Daly Defense. The others are in the yellow!
  4. LetUSprey's Avatar
    ****'s Sporting Goods dropped the AR platform all together
  5. routereyes's Avatar
    CTD raised their prices on PMAGs by the hour after Obama's speech on Thursday. I witnessed it myself until prices were over $40. Midway USA did the honorable thing and only sold 2 per customer at the same price ($15).
  6. usmcspires6803's Avatar
    that's why I stopped using their business. just like the house.
  7. joshua.a.beaumont's Avatar
    It's one thing to be upset about what cheaper than dirt did it's another entirely to log on their website and send them a message stating why that upset you and what you're going to do because of their gouging
  8. joshua.a.beaumont's Avatar
    I clearly and tactfully told them their behavior is unnecessary and until they change their policy I will no longer shop there and urge my friends to do the same
  9. mdhayse's Avatar
    This is not new behavior from CTD. I don't necessarily think that they are caving to anti gunners, I suspect that they are price gouging on mags. I have seen this before from CTD, they jack their prices up whenever there is a scare, which is why I seldom if ever do business with them.
  10. mdhayse's Avatar
    On the same subject I had an order for Pmags in with Botach Tactical, shortly before Christmas I received an email stating that Pmags were our of stock, and I could cancel my order or leave it and they would fill my order , and honor the price when they got more Mags in stock.
    Pretty pleased with Botach overall.