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family survival course review

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Traits of Highly Resilient People

Food and water storage for long term survival can be a larger topic once we close in on some famous end on the planet dates in the near future. One such date may be the 12-21-2012 which is not just the winter equinox nevertheless the date that the 5,000 year old Mayan calendar ends. Some speculate that there will likely be an alignment of the Earth, Moon, Sun and Universe that will have monumental electric magnetic field variations and bursts never witnessed before. No one can speculate about such events, though with the current economic conditions maybe thinking about a financial crisis is not a bad idea.

Traveling for business or pleasure generally is great experience.[img][/img] Travel is equipped with its disadvantages, especially when you forget to bring some essential item. Being prepared is the secret on the travel game. Having both worked and lived abroad, I have had to visit in many different environments. There are certain things that I always want with me on the business trip for their usefulness. Most of the items are surprisingly inexpensive. Here may be the Travel Survival list that I have compiled of items that I take with me at night when I travel for business.

There are several that basically stand out. The best way to decide whether you are accurate or otherwise not is to watch them yourselves. One is called Planet X Special Report and it's done in high-definition. It's a five-part series or possibly a 36-minute media product which describes ab muscles basics of Planet X, where it originated from, the changes that are felt that prove its existence, and even worst scenarios when the two bodies collide. Marshall Masters, who accustomed to work for CNN Science Features come up with video and only shares it with people who find themselves genuinely interested.

The Mayans also spoke of a growing war with end games beginning and finishing the worlds population very fast to gain handle of the natural resources of the Earth. Another prediction in a very list of astonishing 2012 predictions relies heavily on global wars. We have seen in our brief history many wars looming within the control of the Middle East's vast oil reserves, plus the process a rush for new fuel looms overhead, and prices for natural resources have gone up. It should be noted that the global war could mount as time progresses and oil diminishes. The Mayans may be pointing towards current events, the one that will end the public as by standards to your mad dash towards power.

3. First Aid Training
All the period and money to develop an emergency kit won't do any good should you not know how to rely on them. Courses like CPR, First Aid and AED can be found by the Red Cross but that's not all. Always increase your knowledge, learn about injury prevention, blood borne pathogens and community disaster. Knowing these skills may be lifesaving.

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