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clint starling

Florida folks

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I'm Driving home to Tennessee from a vacation in Florida, had a great time. I'm originally from Florida so I have a lot of family down there. The majority of them are gun owners but have never considered carrying a handgun, so I was surprised when my aunts and uncles wanted to know what I carried in tn and my recommendations for handguns. They talked about the crazy guy in Miami who ate the other guys face and other crimes and crazy things going on in Florida. Other people I talked to are thinking the same way, protect themselves and their own. People who have called me a redneck, and paranoid, are now seeing the wisdom of self reliance. Congratulations folks, get your permits!
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  1. JohnGalt42's Avatar
    You're paranoid if they're really out to get you. A wise person said, "If you carrying what do you have to be paranoid about?" :)
  2. JohnGalt42's Avatar
    Er... I mean "You're not paranoid if they're really out to get you.". I think faster than I type.
  3. gstarling3's Avatar
    I encourage all my friends to do the same. Protect this house !
  4. vkent's Avatar
    Florida resident for 15 years and am the only firearm owner in my family . In the state of FL its absolutely necessary to carry regardless of ur region in the state. You are completely right to carry as often as possible between the home invasions and robberies its rampant. I regularly attend gun shows and try to get to the various indoor and outdoor ranges in the state. YOU MUST PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE