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clint starling


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I own an lc9 and a Sr9c finding holsters has been a challenge. Then I met Larry. He has a business designing and making holsters. He has now made 3 holsters for me and is making one for my wife now. Two of my holsters are iwb one for each of my rugers. They are extremely comfortable, I carry small of my back. My brothers have bought from him and so has my dad. Check him out at WWW.Tennesseeholstercompany.com
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  1. PackingPastor's Avatar
    I just got one for my LC9 from Cleveland's Holsters in WI. It came in only 4 weeks! Custom-made with horsehide & kydex for only $69 plus $7 S/H.
  2. rlusczek's Avatar
    I'll have to check out his site. Found a Texas site that seems to make really nice vehicle holsters. Texas Custom Holsters | Car Mountable Holsters Made in the USA Thanks for the info.