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clint starling


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I bought a pmr30 a month ago, shot great no problems. Now 400 rds or so later its been having ftfs every 20 rds about, any ideas? I clean it and oil it after every range time.
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  1. Andrew49417's Avatar
    . :) I wish I could find one of those.
  2. CaptCaveman's Avatar
    Give keltec a call, goto the keltec CNC website and get their phone number from their contact tab and ask them directly a out your problem. Probably need a detail cleaning and a new firing pin. Rim fires have been notorious throughout history for wearing out firing pins. The whole no dry firing on an empty chamber thing comes from rim fire guns because the firing pin actually hits the breach edge of the chamber unlike the open space of a center fire.
  3. roguejesse's Avatar
    Take a look at your FTFs, is it a good strike? is the face of the firing pin in good shape, anything abnormal? Is there a carbon build up where the edge of the round sits in the breach?
  4. Mattbarry's Avatar
    did you clean the magazines or check the springs and feed lips?
  5. clint starling's Avatar
    casings look good and clean, solid strike. all American made ammo, what keltec recommends