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clint starling

small conceal carry 9mm

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Looking at finding a small 9mm. Something my wife can carry as well. Pf9, p11 ruger lc9, taurus 709, and kahr makes a small 9mm as well. Would any of you trust a keltec? I was hoping to win that lc9 package givaway but, you know.
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  1. gwjohns82's Avatar
    I've got a LC9 and I carry it everyday and love it. I strongly recommend it.
  2. Telli97's Avatar
    Look at the shield or pps. I have both and love them. I also have shot a friends lc9 a lot lately and it's also a great piece...
  3. Montyrush's Avatar
    Springfield EMP might suprise you.
  4. concealedinla's Avatar
    Kahr CW9 is my everyday carry weapon.....
  5. timmyflight's Avatar
    i have a keltec p11 and i love it
  6. Podman's Avatar
    I like my PF-9. Easy to conceal and lightweight.
  7. clint starling's Avatar
    I had a keltec pf9 years ago, ftfs every other round. I didnt know if things have changed for keltec or... Also interested in ccpx, looking for inexpensive and reliability
  8.'s Avatar
    I carry a kahr pm9. It's compact. Easily concealed. Has 6+1 capacity or 7+1 with the extended mag. Extremely reliable and never had a problem. I carry it daily and would highly recommend it
  9. jka's Avatar
    I have the kahr cw9. very compact. FINE shooter
  10. r.santana's Avatar
    I have a khar cm9, and its a great gun. small,slim,recoil is not bad. the price is great
  11. Andrew49417's Avatar
    lcp and pm9, depending on the size of my pockets. kel tec is a good gun for under $300 imho
  12. MrGooden's Avatar
    the kahr cw9, very concealable and light. Ran close to 500 rounds through it with no problems.
  13. Uncle Sam-Bear your Arms!'s Avatar
    The Kel Tec PF9 is a good gun. Lightweight yet it packs a good punch. Not a lot of recoil. My wife carries it and loves it. Easy to conceal also. The only thing that I would change is the 7+1 clip. Would rather it be 10 round clip. Good, trustworthy gun so far.
  14. fjon448's Avatar
    I have the p11 heavy trigger but with practice great. Concealable 9mm there is a trigger shoe that helps
    But inexpensive gun the one this i wouldn't recommend if you intend to shot it alot don't put the metal guild rod in it damages the slide
  15. Pinnacle Safety's Avatar
    Yes I would trust a Kel Tec with my life but I'd rather have a Kahr CM9 its a tiny bit shorter and it has one less round but you can't lose either way you go Kel Tec of course is less expensive but again my preference is Kahr its worth the extra $100 for me
  16. jbateman73's Avatar
    Kahr cm9, pm9 or a cw9. I carry the cw9. Some say its too big for pocket carry. Not for my truspec pants and shorts. Super deep pockets. Good luck.
  17. Leftheart's Avatar
    I just got a Smith & Wesson M&P 40 compact...its a 10 rounder but it can kit..gals can handle it but would probably prefer the 9 mm version...also the shield or body guard might be a good option for a real small compact for a gal...
  18. shooterfan1974's Avatar
    I carry a G26. Have heard great things about the Kahr CM9. I've personally shot the LC9 and hated the mile long trigger pull.
  19. Andrew49417's Avatar
    cobra FS380. haha. just kidding. worst gun ever.