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clint starling


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My friend has posed a thought provoking question, his resolve to carry how handgun at all times has been strengthened, as it should be after the tragic shooting in Colorado, but he has said that he no longer wishes to give his business to establishments that do not allow guns on their premises. Including restaurants. I got to thinking about it, and he's right. Of course of you carry conceal nobody knows you have one in the restaurant or anyplace else. I carry almost everywhere except the courthouse and postoffice but I carry open, my resolve is to carry conceal a lot more, my lc9 with 8 rounds would have stopped that " joker" at the theater or at least slowed him down. Nobody needs to know that your carrying unless something goes down. So to all my brothers and sisters out there carrying, keep on. I feel safer knowing your out there, let's help keep the USA a safer place.
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  1. csmc1863's Avatar
    Amen pal, I won't be caught without my carry and neither will my wife.
  2. TlWheatley's Avatar
    I always carry, but This guys as prepared. I don't think yoi would have gotten off more than couple unlesshe took one to the head.Just my thought....wish someone would have tested my theory.
  3. coffman's Avatar
    I think boycotting establishment that want a gun free environment is an outstanding idea.
  4. CHL TEXAS's Avatar
    I agree and will join your idea and do the same.
  5. gstarling3's Avatar
    I agree, I find it harder and harder though to find places that will actually allow guns on their premises. Our local theater doesn't allow them, which distresses me because my wife and I enjoy the movie's. But I agree, no longer will I give my business to any place of business that doesn't allow guns on their premises. I will continue to bolster my friends and family that carry to take their business elsewhere! And I ( like my brother) will encourage all of you to do the same!:)