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clint starling


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I wrote a blog on here the other day about not giving my business to establishments that do not want me and my handgun on their premises. Especially the movie theater. It's their right not to want me there, just as it is my right to patronize somewhere else. A few people on this forum agree with me and have voiced their intentions to do the same. I have been thinking of ways to inform places that wish to hinder my rights as to my intentions. My friends in the community I live in suggest a business card of sorts describing my decision and that I will pass their name on to other responsible persons. What are some of your thoughts on this ? Any suggestions? Thanks for carrying, the worlds a safer place because you carry.
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  1. gstarling3's Avatar
    Not sure how that would work. But if it does let me know I have been trying to think of a way to let local businesses know my intentions and level of responsibility in carrying
  2. Raider-3's Avatar
    The rocky mountain gun owners sends out "no gun=no money" cards to its members to pass on to establishments that post no gun signs. Then RMGO puts the name of that business on their website to advertise businesses that should not be given any business because of their stance towards guns.
  3. clint starling's Avatar
    Raider3, excellent idea, I'm actually working on the exact things you've mentioned. Thanks
  4. Seadog261's Avatar
    I try to do the same, and put them on Wisconsin Gun Owners do not patronize list!