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clint starling

Carry in Florida

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I will be going to Florida this summer for vacation with the family, does anyone know the carry law? Is it conceal? Can I keep it loaded in the car? thanks
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  1. Templing's Avatar
    best to read the web site here and check the fla laws is a good place to start.
  2. imrambi's Avatar
    The Florida website has quite a bit of faq and what not. Just google florida ccw and you will find the site.

    Florida is a conceal only state. If you print, it is not concealed, so just make sure you dont print.
  3. 1911_Marine's Avatar
    Only partially true. Please check with the state website as the statement about "printing" is false.
  4. xdmgator's Avatar
    anyway you want until u get caught
  5. jscooper1975's Avatar
    Im from Lakeland fl you can carry cc and yes you can carry in you car in glove box or in the console but make sure ot is closed all the way and you cant left it with oit pushing the button
  6. rotjovi's Avatar
    In Florida, concealed MEAN CONCEALED!!! Just got back from there and did some advanced handgun training at the Gander Mtn Academy while there too. Keep it on you in the car, unless you have a glovebox that locks.
  7. routereyes's Avatar
    I live in Tampa, FL. You can carry concealed or leave it in the car in a closed console or glove box. Not necessarily locked. Make sure not to keep it where you put your registration and insurance. Concealed BTW means Florida must have reciprocity with your state's CCW.
  8. clint starling's Avatar
    I live in Tn. Wht does "print" mean?
  9. wftennant's Avatar
    I live in Palm Beach, Florida. Florida and Tennessee do have reciprocity agreement. The best piece of advice has been stated several times. Go to the website and read up for yourself as much as you can. There is no print (Even though the gun is concealed it presses against the close enough to be seen as a gun) law in Florida but dealing with local police any where you want to avoid issues so it is best to avoid Printing.
  10. gstarling3's Avatar
    I was fixing to ask what print was.. but that makes sense. I'm going to Florida on my honeymoon and planned on taking my gun for protection.. but it looks as if I'll be carrying in my glove box
  11. michael41's Avatar
    what is printing
  12. gstarling3's Avatar
    Printing is the image of your gun appearing on your shirt or clothing
  13. XD40FAN's Avatar
    Our state legislation had a bill that passed that was originally open carry however it was dumbed down to if you bend over in a store and your shirt comes up and weapon is visible it is not brandishing! Gotta love politicians.....
  14. bworleyjr's Avatar
    you can also apply for a non-resident permit in Florida. it takes about six weeks to get.