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clint starling


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I carry an lc9 or my springfield xd9 sub. I like to carry, when I first got my permit I was strapping my handgun on first thing. Kind of like my son when he first started riding a bike, 6 oclock in the morning he out in the driveway peddling like crazy. I carry open, I dont mind the attention. Before my friends got their permits, we would be out and they would comment on all the looks I got, asking things like, dont you mind, or that guys looking at you funny, and shes checking you out. But like I said, I dont mind the attention, and I like the opportunity the share with people if they ask why I carry. alot of people have expressed a feeling of security knowing that responsible folks are out there armed and able to protect themselves and other innocents from those that would prey open them. Some people have asked if Im a police officer, a few times I have been asked to stay a few minutes longer at the local convenience store by the female clerk while an unsavory character was there. Since I recieved my permit, most of my friends and family have taken the class and recieved theirs as well. Some like my brothers carry open as I do. Others such as my dad and my neighbor carry conceal, to each thier own. I say to carry, thats whats important. I carry in church, openly. I hope and pray in this country that it will always be our right to carry and that we will always have our guns. Thats why we should educate the people around us on our rights. I live in an area where the majority love their guns and love to hunt, so for the most part people want someone else in the White House. The people who look unfavorably upon me also want to keep Mr No Hope in there and thankfully here, theres not alot of them.
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  1. justxboxin's Avatar
    I agree with you man .... I carry both ways ... depends on what I am doing ...if its a day that me and my wife and three year old are out together my guns out in the open ... by myself most of the time concealed
  2. gstarling3's Avatar
    Amen my brother
  3. jcrider's Avatar
    Amen. I CC simply because we can't OC here in South Carolina. I have enjoyed talking to and teaching a lot of my friends as well and introducing them to shooting as a pass time.