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clint starling

sunday carry

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Its Sunday morning. Getting ready for church includes cleaning and polishing my handgun and holster. Nothing like polished black boots, and a shiny black holster.
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  1. trophyhunter's Avatar
    I Carry my Sidearm Everyday,Everywhere I can. I just can't get myself to Carry at Church ???

    I just feel out of place. I did Carry once, and felt like all Eyes were on me Like I was Advertising with a big sign over my head.
  2. TexChap's Avatar
    I have read that church is the second most likely place for normal folks to experience a mass shooting ...first is a shopping mall. True or not, it is very rare that I am not carrying at church ...or any other place I go...
  3. vkent's Avatar
    In this day and age it's necessary!
  4. RockinAJ's Avatar
    The wife wont let me carry to Mass, but we sneak one in her purse though.
    Some states you can't carry to church.
    I'm thinking a smaller more concealable gun over my full size M for Sundays.
  5. JohnLM's Avatar
    Church carry, Ruger LCP in suit coat pocket. Nobody none the wiser! !!!
  6. Lynx's Avatar
    If I wear a sport coat, its often the easiest carry all week. galco leather with my 1911 hides great.
  7. flasburn38's Avatar
    armorbearer for our church and I'm not the only one. most are very open to it. if your not in a liberal church that is. Baptist's rock!!
  8. n4sxx's Avatar
    I like others have said daily carry means " daily " concealed means " don't make obvoious " I carry my Glock G-22 W-15 round double stack upwards of 16 hrs. every day I.w.b. with zero print !
    Go look at tell them Randy sent you
  9. clint starling's Avatar
    I carry n lc9 or xd9 subcompact, both open. I have a friend who carries a 1911 open
  10. blinddog's Avatar
    I think I would rather CC than OC. Just don't want people to know I am carrying. Know what I mean?
  11. clint starling's Avatar
    Ive had the clerk at the local gas station ask me to hang around when an unsavory character was there. When he saw me and my carry he left
  12. trophyhunter's Avatar
    After reading all the responces after my original post I decieded to Carry at church.

    Today I was Carrying, and to tell the truth I felt Comfortable, No one knew, or even suspected that I was Armed.

    I did however ask Permission first, and much to my surprize Father said yes I could carry.

    Then I found out that he Carries as well. So from this day Forward I will always be Carrying at any Church Functions, and Mass.