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clint starling

my wife's carry gun

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Im looking for a carry gun for my wife, she is leaning towards a revolver in 38 sp. I need to hear from some ladies on what they prefer, revolver or automatic? Also if you carry an auto, what brand and caliber. Thanks.
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  1. TlWheatley's Avatar
    My wife went to buy a sig p238 came home with a taurus revolver38 she liked it better
  2. n4sxx's Avatar
    I took a lady friend to a indoor range she shot a .38 revolver along with 9mm auto asked her for her non gun shooter thoughts her words were " if I shoot at someone the auto gives me 13 - 15 times to hit them "
  3. Mommarock's Avatar
    I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry II. It has a 3" barrel and is easy to conceal. My only wish is that had a bobtail. It would make it easier to conceal.
  4. mattbrooks76's Avatar
    My wife carries a Glock 23.
  5. imreece's Avatar
    For my everyday carry i have a bersa thunder 380 plus. When I'm dressed up or don't want to deal with a purse i thigh carry, or waistband carry my ruger lcp.
  6. Evelyn Broussard's Avatar
    I just purchased a Sig P238.. I like the way it feels and shoots.
  7. lfdroberson's Avatar
    I just got a Sig Sauer p 238. It is amazing. The slide is very easy and it shoots like a dream. It is heavier and a little bigger than a "mouse gun" but I can feel the quality in it.
  8. clint starling's Avatar
    Thanks everybody for the input, I have an lc9, what do you think about the lcp?
  9. jehutch201's Avatar
    My wife likes to carry my s&w model 360 scandium frame .38 with ctc grips. Very light and not bad to shoot. I also like my CM9 kahr 9mm. Cant go wrong with a good revolver though!
  10. wiffmajig's Avatar
    My wife has fired numerous handguns and she always comes back to her Glock 19. I have tried to get her something smaller....she wont go for it.
  11. dnr82199's Avatar
    I have had a S&W M&P 9mm for about 1 1/2 years...just started carrying concealed in dec. was getting heavy to carry...and harder to conceal as the weather warmed up. My hubby just bought me the Ruger LCP 380...and I have been carrying it every day since I got it. I love it.
  12. jd556's Avatar
    Depending on the occasion, my wife carries a Ruger lcr or an sr9c.
  13. dlbcarry's Avatar
    Wife likes her lcr
  14. DavetheEditor's Avatar
    My wife choose the Bersa Thunder .380 after a bad experience with a S & W Bodyguard. Now she has her eye on on of my 1911s.
  15. ihaveagun's Avatar
    I recently bought a ruger sr9c, I took it and my wife out to the range. I was shooting 115gr fmj's to test it out, and it worked great. I then let my wife shoot it and it stove piped on her after every shot (it was good practice for her clearing the jams). I figured with her grip not as strong as mine and with the pistol being light, I would let her try firing my carry ammo (Federal 124gr. Hydra shock), the pistol shot flawlessly for her. She now wants to carry this one. I guess I am going to have to buy another one for me now. ;-)
  16. clint starling's Avatar
    She shot my xd9 subcompact, she loved it. So for mothers day that's what she's getting! Thanks everyone for the input
  17. alphadog1's Avatar
    my wife carries a sw1911 pro series. 3.5". only thing she wants to carry
  18. slingshot sammy's Avatar
    how about looking at the S&W M&P9 Shield.
  19. don miller's Avatar
    some females have a problem racking an automatic
  20. fauver52's Avatar
    My wife swears by her glock 26 with a glck 19 mag holds 15 rounds