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clint starling

my right

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The other day I was loading a job, I lay floor coverings, and the store owner saw my carry gun on my hip, he asked about it and then proceeded to lecture me on the dangers of carrying a gun on your persons. Now this gentleman has talked with me before on the subject of politics and our countries decline of morals, and he has always been progun when he started in on how dangerous it was for me to carry I was surprised. I kind of laughed and told him I took the class and had a permit if he wanted to see it, but,r I appreciated his concern. He then asked if I carried in the customers homes, I told him no, I usually left it on my van. Has anyone else ever had this happen? Like I said I was surprised but prepared to explain my rights.
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  1. rchance's Avatar
    Can't say that I have. I often just pull my T-shirt over mine and the print is obvious but no one has ever said anything.
  2. NotTwoShure's Avatar
    I would like to know what the owner/manager has in place concerning carry issues. That is written policy/procedures as related to employment. I suppose I am over documentation oriented. Was there a pre-employment briefing or guidelines? Being state raised I am not familiar with private employment practice. Just asking.
  3. rogrrr's Avatar
    I’ve been asked about carrying my gun a few times by people who do not understand (why more and more people are now carrying) and have come up with a good thought to make the people understand what it is for. I immediately ask them if they have car insurance and they tell me that it is the law that they have to have it. I then ask them if they have insurance on their house. They tell me that it is a good idea to have that, too. So then I ask "ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT YOU REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO USING YOUR INSURANCE/FILING A CLAIM ?"

    They think for a moment and tell me that they never want to have use it.
    At that point, I tell them that THIS, pointing to my gun, is insurance and I, like you, hope to NEVER have to use it, either.

    The light goes on and they begin to understand why I carry. I then explain that violence and terror DO NOT MAKE APPOINTMENTS and can show up/happen anywhere, anytime or anyplace. I tell them that is what insurance is for – better to have it and never use it than to need it and not have it. YOUR insurance comes into play AFTER some type of incident happens. Mine can prevent an incident FROM happening. Yours is REactive, mine is PROactive.
  4. vkent's Avatar
    [SIZE=4]excellent job Rogrr i agree completely. We have to make the unarmed public understand realty! [/SIZE]
  5. clint starling's Avatar
    Great point roger, the funny thing is, he has made arguments almost just like that for having a home defense weapon. Like I said, this gentlemen is pro gun.... Just not on your persons.
  6. mattman's Avatar
    Just be careful not to offend any of your customers. Remember they have the right to not have firearms in their home. I think it best to just keep it completely concealed; what they don't see can't possibly offend them.