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clint starling

cheap 1911

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I've been looking at a few 1911 style handguns to Target shoot with. Rock island brand to name one. Does anyone own one of these ? Are they reliable? What about some of the other less expensive 1911s? Also some of these come in 9mm caliber how are they?
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  1. gnj39110's Avatar
    I've been looking into the Rock Island 1911's. Going out this weekend to shoot a couple that belong to a buddy of mine. He is an avid shooter/collector and loves his Rock Island guns. He owns just about every make of 1911's known to man and he tells me I can't go wrong if I purchase a RI... Pretty much backs up everything I've read on the net. I'd love to get one of the XT 22/45.
  2. glockcarry's Avatar
    rock islands aren't bad for the price point another cheapy is Taurus, or Regent
  3. sigboy's Avatar
    I have shot several hundred rounds through my RIA no problems for the price they are excellent guns my only complaint is the finish is a little cheap
  4. Black Eagle's Avatar
    if you really want a nice 1911 for a good price. try ATI 1911. cant go wrong
  5. radartech's Avatar
    I have a friend that used to used a RIA 1911 in USPSA matches...
  6. virtigo's Avatar
    if you can handle the size their good guns.
  7. pankusogre's Avatar
    I have had three different RIA's. Other than having the feed ramps throated and polished, pretty much left them alone.
  8. gumbyhunter82's Avatar
    I am over 5000 rounds in my RI and have had one Stovepipe. 3500 to 4000 of those have been cheap steel case which I have seen a few other more expensive guns fail with. That being said I do have a Wilson combat spring and trigger. Not do to breakage it's just to hard to leave them alone.
  9. williewilson's Avatar
    I have a Taurus 1911. Didn't like it at first, as i'm not a huge fan of the 1911 platform. Butm i must's a nice weapon.