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clint starling

a new carry 45?

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Looking for a carry 45, not to heavy, but wanting more than 7 rounds. Looking at a Taurus 24-7 45. 10 or 12 rounds depending on the model and over 4 inches of barrel. Does anyone have one? Need information from real people, not just the salesmen trying to sell me an overpriced firearm.
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  1. gkeil961's Avatar
    Glock 30SF, 10 rds and very nice weapon....... wear mine everyday all day !!!!
  2. mattbrooks76's Avatar
    I 2nd the Glock 30SF.
  3. sig_man's Avatar
    I carry the Sig P250, 10 rounds. Also have the conversion kit to make it 9mm
  4. mwbackus's Avatar
    + 1 for the Glock 30...great gun, easy to shoot and conceal... A lot of aftermarket sights and other accessories made for it...
  5. mikeyd164's Avatar
    Looking into the 24-7 g 2 also, I don't like the feel of the glock ,Taurus has come a long way and may be the best bang for your Buck
  6. clint starling's Avatar
    Xdm45 compact is on the list, I'm really liking it
  7. Iwillsurvive's Avatar
    I have an HK45 USP, Full sized. Light, accurate, and dependable, 10-12 rounds depending on the clip. I love this gun although additional clips are expensive, the gun itself its reasonably priced for used ones.
  8. mikeyd164's Avatar
    i was just doin some window shoppin and came across the springfield XD9645HCSP06 ( .45 cal. compact) it comes with a 10 rd. mag (short grip) for easy carry and also comes with a 13 rd. mag WITH GRIP X-TENSION , costs $125.00 more than the taurus 24/7. im really likin the the grip x-tension,i think this will be my next toy !!
  9. 9mm.glock.mark's Avatar
    I just purchased the Taurus Millennium Pro compact .45 about 3-4 weeks ago. It's quickly becoming my favorite carry piece.
  10. AndyBullock's Avatar
    I have the 24/7 Pro in 9mm, can't be beat for the price
  11. clint starling's Avatar
    I think I'm getting an Xdm compact!
  12. eastwood999's Avatar
    Any body heard when the xds might be coming out yet?
  13. eastwood999's Avatar
    I got the xdm compact it is a very nice piece. But would like to also have the xds for summer carry if it ever gets released.
  14. mikeyd164's Avatar
    well ,i went to a store today , they didnt have the xd 45 compact ,but, they did have the xdm 45 compact, i put a deposit on it and im goin to pick it up in a week or so .
  15. mikeyd164's Avatar
    googled the xds , nice
  16. BritOnTour's Avatar
    clint, check out sportsmans outdoors. best price I could find on an XDm 45 Compact $529 + $25 shipping
  17. rchance's Avatar
    I carried the glock 30 for a long time and liked it very well also. I just wanted to try something different and am now trying the S&W M&P line up. So far I haven't had a problem their either. I'd go to your local gun range and rent all they have to offer and see which one you like best. That way you know you'll leave happy.
  18. 9mm.glock.mark's Avatar
    I'm looking at the xdm 45 as well. Looks sweet.
  19. partiots1776's Avatar
    I have a Trurus PT 24/7 pro. 12+1 for 5 years and it great over 2000 rounds + I love it.
  20. EOD Master's Avatar
    I carry the XD 45 Compact and love it! I use a Crossbreed Supertuck, but I mostly stick with the Blackhawk CQC Conceal carry Serpa. A lot of people knock the Serpa, but since it came out and that's what we were issued, I got used to it.
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