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Bill Amsden


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Is there anybody out there that can recommend a descent right hand holster for a Px4 Storm Compact 9mm?
I could probably tell you what not to get since I have a small collection of them that after buying and wearing I didn't like. Try this website (n82tactical.com) I bought the premium holster I think it is called for my M&P .40 and I like it .For inside the waste band carry. It carries well and very comfortable. They don't list a holster specifically for your gun but some they have just might be interchangeable for various brands. Worth a look and maybe a phone call or email? Outside carry holsters, I've got several of those too. My favorite is the Blackhawk Serpa holsters. Good luck to you, hope you spend less money than I did trying to find just the right one.
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    I swear BY not AT the versa-carry system it's as close to no show as I have found in a I.W.B. holster and a plus it's under 30 bucks