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Burial at Sea - Is it Really the Sensible Selection?

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Many years ago in the seventies, I knew a chap who lived in the Seychelles. He had spent most of his life in the islands and was consequently one thing of an specialist when it came to lifestyle on the water. A very dear friend of his, and a particularly popular character in the islands, died peacefully in his sleep, and on reading through his last will and testament it grew to become obvious that he wished to be buried at sea.<br /><br />[URL="http://www.seebestattungen-nordsee.de"]anonyme bestattung[/URL]<br /><br />Billy manufactured it clear that he wanted no fuss, just a quiet and dignified sea burial with his dearest friends present in the boat. No problem, they all imagined. 4 of them set about making an attempt to discover a boat large enough to accommodate Billy and 4 friends as pall bearers, or rowers to be more correct. They dressed Billy in his very best suit and weighted his body, which they had rolled tightly in a canvas sail, with a collection of anchor chains.<br /><br /><br /><br />Prior to loading the entire body into the boat they had all consumed many pints of alcahol on the beach. Just prior to sunset they loaded Billy and themselves into the boat and set out for open sea. On the way out they sang seafaring hymns this kind of as These In Peril on the Sea and other proper shanties, and told Billy stories, and when they have been sufficiently far from shore, they pitched dear old Bill above the side and waited for him to sink.<br /><br />Unfortunately, Billy did not sink. In fact, he proceeded to chase the boat round and round in circles, riding the wake, while the two chums in the rear attempted to reach Billy's corpse with an anchor hook. By now the imbeciles in the boat had begun to see the comical side to this solemn event and began laughing uncontrollably, producing the physique recovery virtually extremely hard.<br /><br /><br /><br />They had been out for some while by now and it was soon specific that if they did not row a tiny more quickly, Billy was going to beat them back to the beach on the returning tide. They arrived back on the sandy beach, crawling across the sand from the boat in a state of hysteria, to locate a neighborhood policeman, searching extremely stern, standing in excess of Billy's corpse, which was covered in seaweed and little one crabs.<br /><br />The officer demanded to see the death certificate, which of program none of them could create, and they were all carted off to the police cells till the correct documentation could be created. Billy was duly buried at sea the following day, with a little more dignity but nowhere near so significantly comedy.
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