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Laser Sights

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I recently purchased a Glock 23 and am considering an internal laser sight. So, what's the general consensus on laser sights and which brands are best?
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  1. joefor88's Avatar
    Well in my humble opinion, laser sights have their place. They are fun and can be very helpful at night with the aid of a white light. I think Crimson Trace is an excellent add-on grip sight while LaserMax is an excellent internal laser sight. On my personal self-defense weapons, I prefer open sights. But to each his own AND you don't have to turn it on if you choose not to.
  2. n4sxx's Avatar
    If you do truly want laser sights look at glock store .com cost is about 275 Also think about this, if you want to shoot IDPA matches your gun has to I think be listed as modified